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Codeceptive Studios has came up with a simple yet extremely effective way to get all tunes directly onto the Windows Phone 8 without any need for cables. The application Music Drop, which is a tool we are talking about, enables wireless transfer of music files (including iTunes) from a PC to a mobile phone via any web browser as long as both your devices are connected to the same wireless network. The other requirement is that your web browser must support HTML5 (basically speaking, every modern browser supports HTML5 so if you're updating yours constantly then you should be just good).

App's usage is as simple as the app itself. Just download and launch the mobile app - it will instantly create a handy web server on the phone that will be used to upload your music from a PC:

Next, while keeping the mobile app running, copy the URL (which is shown below Enter this URL on your PC to drop music text), launch your favourite web browser on your PC and paste the URL into the browser's address bar then hit ENTER. The web app will display:

The web app is divided into the two following parts: Current audio collection and Audio upload area.
The Current collection is what you see on the right-hand side: this area shows music tracks stored on your Windows Phone in its audio library. On the left-hand side there is the Upload area. To copy music to a Windows Phone device you need to select tracks that you want to upload, drag them and then drop into the the "upload circle". In the meantime you will see a progress bar during audio upload:

And that's all - once the transfer is completed and the files are copied you may enjoy listening to your favourite tracks on your Windows Phone 8 device. To make it even more simple you may launch music on the phone/tablet via the web browser. Just click play!



Below you will find the most common questions and answers regarding Music Drop

1. Which browsers does Music Drop support?

It supports the latest versions of Firefox, Opera, IE and Google Chrome.

2. Are there any limitations regarding the file size?

No. Files are transferred one chunk at a time. So even if you have 300MB audio track - it will be uploaded to your phone.

3. Where are the tracks stored: within the phone's internal memory or on an SD card?

Music Drop stores music tracks in a storage predefined in your Windows Phone settings.

4. What URL should I enter into my PC web browser's address bar to access the Music Drop's server?

The URL will be shown on the Music Drop phone app's main page under Enter this URL on your PC to drop music text.

5. OK, so where do I have to drag and drop my audio tracks?

When you are successfully connected to the Music Drop's web server from your PC, you will see the upload circle on the left hand side of a newly open window in your browser. That is the area where you should drag and drop your music tracks.

6. Music Drop's server? What is that?

It means that your phone acts like a web server triggering music upload to your device.

7. Does the app use any kind of cloud storage?

No. It transfers music directly from your PC into your phone.

8. I cannot access Music Drop from my PC. What is going on?

First of all make sure that the mobile app is on and running on your WP device. Next, double check that both your devices (PC and phone) are connected to the same wireless network. If they are not - you will not be able to access Music Drop from your PC. You can check if you have access by opening command prompt (cmd.exe) and typing "ipconfig" without quotes. Hit Enter and compare your PC internal LAN address with the one shown on Music Drop's phone application page:

As you can see, my PC's address is, while Music Drop's address is First 3 parts of this address should match. If they do not match that means you are not connected to the same network yet you will not be able to connect to Music Drop.

9. What type of audio file can I drop?

Currently MP3, WMA and M4A.

10. Something has happened and synchronization stopped in the middle of the process. What should I do?

In any case, use support email, included within mobile app itself to send us any feedback, questions, feature requests and bugs.

11. Does the app work with the network shared from the phone?

Yes, it does.

12. Somehow, Music Drop does not transfer album image which is embedded within the audio file.

Basically, it transfers that image as it transfers the whole audio file to a phone. The problem occurs once file is saved into the music library using the only available method, which does not parse file's metadata properly. Therefore, this issue doesn't depend on us and can only be resolved by Microsoft.

13. Troubleshooting error: "Current network interface has invalid type: []:[xxx]"

This error may appear when your Windows Phone device uses cellular network instead of WiFi. To resolve the issue connect your device to the wireless network and restart Music Drop on your phone/tablet.

14. Troubleshooting error: "No network interfaces found!"

This error occurs when your Windows Phone device is not connected to any network. To resolve the issue connect it either to cellular or wireless network.
Please note that once you establish the internet connection both your devices, the Windows Phone and the PC, need to be connected to the same network. Otherwise, Music Drop will not be able to upload music to your device.


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Release date: 2014-04-04

* Fixed: Code optimization.

Release date: 2014-03-26

* New: Javascript exceptions support.
* Fixed: Music upload mechanism optimization.
* Fixed: Code optimization.

Release date: 2014-03-07

* Fixed: The newest types of smartphones equipped in two types of network interfaces: IPv4 and IPv6, used to have connectivity problems between the Phone and the Web App.

Release date: 2014-03-01

* New: Application's icon has changed.
* New: Enhanced UI of the Web App.
* Fixed: Music upload mechanism optimization.

Release date: 2014-02-04

* New: Unicode support that enables transfer of multi-language music files.
* New: Support for WMA and M4A music formats.
* New: Ability to play tunes directly on your Windows Phone via the Web App.

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